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Design Solution
The solution was great color carpet with seasonal clothing that was close to fashion trends. "Loved the color, texture and warmth it added to the showroom. We continue to use tiles in other modular situations since the showrooms are constantly evolving and display's changing. With the showroom such a success we have also started using Flor in trade show exhibits."


Modular floorcovering that goes everywhere.
Simple,elegant, high performance design you can walk on - and fall in love with fast. What's not to love? FLOR is so easy to install a child can do it. It's insanely easy to live with (Hello - rinse in the sink clearing? Replacing tiles instead of rooms?).


Design Solution
Thick and Thin speaks to the inner designer in all of us. Even the darker, subtler palettes will bring easy drama into any room.


Design Solution
4-Square mixes Toy Poodle and Solid Ground in a frisky interplay of color and texture.


Design Solution.
Pathwork style configurations weave together point/counterpoint textures, colors and striations to evoke a figurative quilt of contrasts.


Design Solution
Spring Planting is earth shaking. A life-saving (for our planet) revolution in floorcovering that is as beautiful as it is environmentally responsible. Spring Planting's face fibers are made from renewable resources: the stems and leaves of corn. It recycles heroically and performs like a champion


Modular floorcovering that goes everywhere.
Because it's modular we can each make it uniquely, completely our own. We've collected some of our best HOME installation and have made them available for you to get inspired! What will you do with FLOR in your home?


Garden Patch TM. Yes Yellow
A bouquet of color and texture for any room. Three primary colorways, with secondary accents to harmonize with fabrics and textiles. One size, 8'x10' (30 tiles). Garden Patch is composed of: Toy PoodleTM, Solid GroundTM, Vienna SwirlTM, and She Loves MeTM.





Bathrooms and Dressing Rooms
These often smaller spaces are very conducive to FLOR's stylish effects. As an area rug or wall to wall, a splash of color or texture can make a big difference in these rooms. There's no better choice for high traffic spaces that take a lot of abuse in a concentrated area like a bathroom. FLOR tiles are so easy to clean, adjust, or replace that you'll spend more time enjoying your floor and less time worrying about it.


The Look

Beveled edges accentuate depth for a grid look. Classic colors with modern freshness plus colorways matching Toy PoodleT and Passage WayT.

The Feel

Close-cropped and smooth

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